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Established in 1906 Southport and Ainsdale (S&A) continues to value its original historic charm and famous Ryder Cup History. That’s probably why in 2023 the R&A used us as an Amateur Championship Venue.

The most perfect test in golf

S&A without doubt remains one of the most enjoyable and exciting challenges in golf. Weaving between some of the finest coastal dunes and heathland, it is often lauded for its very well maintained and undulating fairways, its rolling greens, and its strategic bunkers. All sit perfectly alongside the colourful yellow gorse and purple heather.

A true championship course, it is a magnificent test of golf, especially when a round can be accompanied by a fresh sea breeze coming in across the Irish Sea.

Everything combining naturally just as nature intended S&A will provide you with the most challenging and immensely enjoyable day of golf you are likely to ever experience.
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“I have just had the greatest thrill of my golfing life.”
Walter Hagen
After leading the USA and winning the Ryder Cup


Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club

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